Preparation for Sale – Full Detail

You only need one prospective buyer to sell your car, so we make sure that this buyer will be impressed and take action.

This service will beautify your car in every way.  We remove scratches, blemishes, dull paint etc.  We then put a high gloss – long life polish in your car, so if it doesn’t sell immediately you don’t have to detail it again, just rinse with water and wipe down.  The wheels are shined, tyres glossed, windows polished, every aspect of interior is cleaned and rejuvenated.  The engine is degreased and fully lubricated with engine gloss to give that wow look.

We touch up any paint chips, rejuvenate dull plastics and tackle any other problems like door trims coming undone, loose screws etc.

The effect of all this attention will be to present the car in its most pristine condition.  The idea is to sell it to the first person that sees it.