Using a special shampoo machine, a scrubbing brush and the right mixture of upholstery cleaner I can shampoo carpets, seat upholstery and door trims, leaving them clean, dust free and deodorized with extra effort I can remove stains and marks from the upholstery and carpet.  Other products can be used to remove make up stains, texta and ballpoint marks, even chewing gum and difficult substances.  During the cleaning process all fabrics are also deodorized with either apple, strawberry or vanilla fragrances, depending on your preference.  The glove box, console,  and storage compartments are also cleaned using a toothbrush to reach hard to get places like under seats and air vents.  The headliner can be cleaned very delicately as it is often fragile and cannot be moistened.  Over the years we have removed the worst odors being from petrol fumes to rat droppings and even animal urine, and that’s just to name a few.  Anything is possible.  All plastic dashboards receive a full coat of anti glare, anti ageing rejuvenator.  This product will remove light scratches and leave a deep gloss on the trims.

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