How often can I polish my car?

When done correctly your paintwork can be polished many times without any loss of paint or luster.

How often should my leather be treated?

At least once a year.  The UV, wear and usage will deteriorate the leather over time.  A leather treatment will clean and leave the leather soft, supple and sealed.

 Will my seats be wet?

 If you had stains on your seats or trims, they will be damp for an hour or two.  We must shampoo these areas for best results.

 Will my engine or electrics play up?

When we clean the engine we take precise action to cover all electrical devices and computers to avoid any problems.

How long does a full detail take?

Depending on the condition of the car, a sedan could take between 3-4 hours of continuous cleaning to detail. 4WD vehicles take longer.

Can tinted windows be cleaned?

We use ammonia free chemicals for window cleaning, so your tint is safe.

Can you remove stains and smoke smells?

We can remove 99% of stains and smoke residue because we shampoo all fabrics in the car and clean the headliner and the glass thoroughly.

Can you remove buff marks and swirls from the paintwork?

Yes we can, the deco will need to be polished twice to achieve this.