We use an electric polisher to remove scratches and blemishes.  This is an incredible tool when used correctly.  It has taken years to master the use of this machine, and I have used it 3-4 times a day over 20 years.

We will professionally polish paintwork

  • Restore showroom shine to new or older cars

  • Remove surface scratches, blemishes or oxidation

  • Use high gloss polishes to bead water, protect from UV

  • Restore luster for easy washing with gloss finish

  • Clean wheels, tyres and dress with tyre shine

  • Restore finish to dull or faded bumper bars.

Darker paintwork will usually need to be polished twice with two different polishing pads, depending on their condition.  There are at least 5 grades of polishing pad and five abrasive type polishes. This means that there are 25 possible combinations to get the best finish.