This is the most comprehensive package and includes the cut and polish, interior detailing and the option of the engine clean as well.


  1. Cut and Polish – remove scratches and marks

  2. Re polish duco with long life waxes

  3. Clean wheels and tyres

  4. Pressure wash under guards

  5. Engine and chassis pressure wash

  6. Door jams, hinges, boot rims and rubber trim around door seals, pressure washed

  7. All rubbers treated with rubber rejuvenation

  8. Chrome accessories, exhaust pipes, badges and bull bars cleaned with metal polish

  9. Full interior detailing – shampoo seats, carpet, mats, door trims

  10. All plastics cleaned and re sealed

  11. Headliner wiped down and cleaned

  12. Instrument duster cleaned and polished

  13. Air vents blasted with compressed air

  14. Seat belts cleaned and dried

  15. Blemishes like make up, pen, removed from sun visor and plastics

  16. Baby seats and accessories removed and cleaned

  17. Headlight lenses polished and cleaned

  18. Tyres dressed with tyre shine

  19. Disc brakes and calipers pressure washed

  20. Mud flaps, under mudguards, painted black

  21. Duco touch up (prior arrangement of color)

  22. Engine components sprayed with lubricants

  23. Faded plastic bumper bars  – re sealed with rejuvenator

  24. Mirrors and glass polished to a sparkling finish

  25. Upholstery and carpet deodorized with apple, strawberry or vanilla fragrance